• Semantic Space PPM Studio is a collaborative, end-to-end, scalable, enterprise solution that helps organizations in managing projects from inception to delivery. It has the following building blocks to manage the entire spectrum of the Software Development Life Cycle. It has a proven track record of over 1000 successful project executions across diverse technology platforms. It has strong presence in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, India and Middle East.


    PPM Studio assists organizations in maximizing returns and reducing costs in project portfolios by looking at entire organization's investments in the various projects with one common objective: Achieving the business goals. PPM Studio provides complete visibility of critical Project metrics throughout the application lifecycle. With the industry’s first integrated PPM solution for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), PPM Studio provides automated reporting of Project status, from the initial idea or request, through prioritization and execution, to completion and release, and finally to benefits analysis.


    • Project Management
    • Requirements Management
    • Resource Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Test Management
    • Defect Management
    • Build Management
    • Release Management
    • Workflow Management
    • Communications Management
    • Dashboard Management
    • Security Management
    • Risk Management
    • Audit Management
    • Reports Management
    • Document Management

    PPM Studio
    "PPM Studio allows organizations to effectively manage the change, gain visibility into internal processes and metrics, increase the operational efficiencies and develop intelligence for better decision-making. It is a customizable framework that facilitates an enterprise to model, broker, deliver and manage its business processes in a unified environment."

    PPM Studio understands the need to have product solutions tuned to your business size & requirements and comes in two (2) product suites. The product suites include packaged modules and deployment models for enterprises as large as 10000+ employees to a small 15 users set up. Detailed comparison of different flavors.
      Business Value/Feature PPM Studio PPM Lite
      Portfolio Management Yes Yes
      Business Goals Definition Yes Yes
      Project Selection Yes Yes
      Portfolio Performance Monitoring Yes Yes
      Project Management Yes Yes
      Project Dashboard Yes Yes
      Project Charter Creation Yes Yes
      Scope Management Yes No
      Team Management Yes Yes
      Work Break Down Structure Yes Yes
      Cost Management Yes Yes
      Risks and Issue Management Yes Yes
      Change Management Yes No
      Dashboard Yes Yes
      Role Based Dashboard Yes Yes
      Work Orders and To-do’s Yes Yes
      Priorities Yes Yes
      Time Sheet Yes Yes
      Idea Management Yes Yes
      Personalization Yes Yes
      Work Spaces Yes Yes
      Planned Events Yes Yes
      Resource Management Yes Yes
      Organization Hierarchy Yes Yes
      Roles and Responsibilities Yes Yes
      Skills Assessment Yes Yes
      Trainings Yes Yes
      Capacity Planning Yes Yes
      Delegation Yes Yes
      Resource Allocation Yes Yes
      Resource Utilization Yes Yes
      Documents Management Yes Yes
      Secured Documents Repository Yes Yes
      Review and Approvals Yes Yes
      Meta Data Search Yes Yes
      Full Text Search Yes Yes
      Administration Yes Yes
      Security & Administration Yes Yes
      Profile Based Security Yes Yes
      Security Groups Yes Yes
      Virtual Teams Yes Yes
      Form Locking Yes Yes
      Guest Users Yes Yes
      Login As Yes Yes
      Search & Views Yes Yes
      Artifacts Search Yes Yes
      Saved Searches Yes Yes
      Artifact Views Yes No
      Dynamic Views Yes No
      Reports Yes Yes
      Asset Management Yes Yes
      Asset Inventory Yes Yes
      Asset Portfolio Management Yes Yes
      Budgeting and Forecasting Yes Yes
      Cost Management Yes Yes
      Resource Cost Management Yes Yes
      Asset Cost Management Yes Yes
      Miscellaneous Yes Yes
      Requirements Management Yes No
      Business Requirements, Use Cases, User Stories, Supplementary Requirements Yes No
      Requirements Review and Approval Lifecycle Yes No
      Requirements Base lining, Versioning and Comparison Yes No
      Configurable best practices document templates Yes No
      Guesstimations using 3 point technique Yes No
      Requirements Dependencies and Traceability Yes No
      Impact Analysis Yes No
      Requirements level Discussion Threads Yes No
      Change Request Management Yes No
      Edit History Yes No
      Traceability between Requirements, Specifications, Test Cases, Code Objects, Defects Yes No
      Glossary Yes No
      References Yes No
      Traversal History Yes No
      Work Allocation, Effort Tracking Yes No
      Discussions, Meetings, Review Comments, Sticky Notes Yes No
      Test Management Yes No
      Test Cases Yes No
      Test Scenarios Yes No
      Test Plans Yes No
      Scheduling Test Cases to various Test Cycles/Test Sets in Test Plans Yes No
      Test Execution Yes No
      Raising Defects for the failed Test Cases Yes No
      Test Results Yes No
      Workflow Management Yes Yes
      Lifecycle Yes Yes
      Status Yes Yes
      Functions and Roles Yes Yes
      Checklists Yes Yes
      Notifications Yes Yes
      Issue Management Yes Yes