PPM Studio’s Time Sheet Management module facilitates you to:

    • Automate the entry, tracking, billing and reporting of effort & time of employees across your organization;
    • Track time against tasks and ensure employee accountability at all levels;
    • Gain numeric or graphical understanding of employee-performance levels through user configured dashboards;
    • Reduce organization costs by re-aligning employees to improve deliverables, productivity and performance.


    Capture of time worked by staff


    An intuitive interface allows your resources to enter their time relative to which projects they worked on.


    Use approval workflows to ensure accuracy


    Flexible multi-step approval workflows empower task and project supervisors to review and approve / reject time as appropriate. Resources cannot edit time entries once they have been approved further ensuring data remains correct over time.


    Ensure on-time entry and submission of time worked


    Alerts can automatically be sent by task and project supervisors to remind resources to enter and submit Time Sheets.


    Customized Time Sheet Report Manager


    Auto-generated, customized Reports can be sent to Stakeholders on efforts of individuals/group of individuals.


    MS Outlook - Time Sheet Integration


    PPM Studio’s Timesheet Management tool allows you to easily integrate with MS Outlook to receive Time Sheet-related assignments as appointments.