• Testing-Lifecycle-Management
    PPM Studio Test Management module offers unique complete quality management model which keeps
    track of product quality across all the SDLC phases from business requirements development until
    product delivery to the customer.
  • Test Plan

    • Test plan creation aligned to project and release plan.
    • Testing requirements definition from release scope.
    • Test strategy formulation comprises of defining test cycles, testing approaches to be used among various cycles.
    • QA Resource Planning.

    Test Case Design

    • Structured test case definition with important parameters like: preconditions, test case steps, pass / fail criteria, priority, etc.
    • Test case automation by attaching QTP script to the test case.

    Test case Review & Approval

    • Hierarchical tree view of release, requirement, and specification
    • Retrieval of mapped test cases to requirements and specifications with one mouse click
    • Critical evaluation of the pre-conditions and test case steps by the reviewer
    • Approval/Rejection of the test cases and system-controlled follow up till successful completion

    Test Run (Test Scheduling and Execution)

    • Scheduling of test cases for execution on the basis of the readiness of the software build.
    • Capturing test results while execution.
    • Defect logging in case of test case failure.

    Defect Logging and Tracking

    • Defect logging with important attributes like: severity, priority, impacted component, associated risk, test environment etc.
    • Defects identification, logging and categorization across the SDLC: requirements defects, design defects, code defects etc.
    • Defect lifecycle definition to ensure track to closure.

    Test Results, Reports and Metrics

      Overall quality management and monitoring with the help of graphical metrics:

    • Test Success Ratio: Graphical report to show % of test cases passed / failed in different test cycles.
    • Week-wise defect find vs. fix rate.
    • Week-wise defects introduced and re-opened.
    • Phase-wise defect removal efficiency calculated on the basis of defects captured during multiple SDLC phases.
    • Review and testing effectiveness
    Cost of Quality: The effort spent on developing the application vs. effort spent on project planning, reviews and rework.

    End-to-End Traceability

      End-to-End traceability with all engineering objects:

    • Business Requirements.
    • PCR Specifications
    • System Components
    • Test Cases
    • Code Objects
    • Defects



  • Test Success Ratio


    Test Success Ratio gives complete information about the failed, passed and untested test cases in each test cycle in the form of graphs and grids


    Defect Trend


    Defect Trend displays week-wise line charts based on rate of defects found vs. rate of defects fixed.


    Defect By Severity


    Defect's Severity based on four criteria i.e. show stopper, high, medium and low is displayed as week-wise line charts.


    Defect Causes

    • No. of Defects caused due to code, code-design non-conformance, code-functional requirement non conformance and design will be shown as line charts.
    • Pie chart illustrates the percentage of defects caused due to above reasons.

    Affected Components


    Details of the components affected due to various defects raised will be shown as bar chart displaying the no. of defects raised for different components based on severity (show stopper, high, medium, low)


    Introduced & Re-opened Defects Metrics


    Count of defects introduced and re-opened will be displayed as week-wise line charts.


    Defects find by Resource Metrics


    Defects reported by each QA resource in the team will be displayed as bar charts.


    Test Planning by Resource Metrics


    The test cases count designed by the QA in the team will be displayed as bar charts on the basis of priority.


    Defect Fix by Resource Metrics


    The defects count fixed by different resources in the team will be displayed as bar charts on the basis of severity and status.


    Test Execution by Resource Metrics


    Complete statistics of the no. of test cases executed by different resources is provided as bar charts on the basis of pass, fail and no run.



  • Integration with Silk Test & QTP

    • PPM Studio is integrated with QTP and Silk Test Professional
    • Run a single test case script or run 'as a batch' for effective automation testing.
    • Auto-mapping of reported defect to failed test case and system-controlled monitoring to next cycle.
    • View failed test cases in Red.

    Test Case Importing


    Test Cases can be directly imported from MS-EXCEL using “Import Test Cases” option.