• Project Portfolio Management Cycle
    PPM Studio Project Portfolio Manager module ensures each project investment aligned with organization business
    objectives, ranked, prioritized, approved, monitored and delivers the expected business value
  • Evaluating competing Project investments with PPM Studio Project Governance Framework:


    Project Portfolio Manager helps organizations in setting up project governance framework. The governance framework ensures that any project investment shall be thoroughly evaluated against business objectives, Return On Investment(ROI), risks involved, budget required and capacity available and ranked among all competing investments to ensure that most critical projects should be approved and executed.


    Real-time visibility across your Project Portfolio:


    The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based drill down portfolio dashboards show real time portfolio health to take corrective and informed decisions on time and ensure projects always remain on track.


    Improving Resource Utilization with Enterprise Resource Planning:


    PPM Studio Resource Planning module provides clear visibility of resource allocation and utilization across the projects and business units. The skill based resource allocation to projects ensures optimal utilization of resource capability.


    Pipeline Management:


    PPM Studio Portfolio Manager module determines whether and how a set of projects in the portfolio can be executed by a company in a specified time, given finite development resources in the company. PPM Studio maintains projects pipeline to measure the planned allocation and utilization of resources according to the strategic plan. The projects execution will be done on the basis of criticality, strategic value and business benefits.


    Best Practices:


    PPM Studio brings best practices to your organization for project selection, execution, monitoring and delivery. PPM Studio is compliant with most of the best project management methodologies followed across the globe with an extension to configurable workflows specific to your organization.

    Symptoms of Poor Project Portfolio Management:

    • Frequent difficulty in finding enough people to put together a solid project team
    • Excessive project delays due to "not enough resources"
    • High turnover due to "burn out" of key project contributors because they are working on too many projects and spending too many overtime hours
    • Frequent change in Projects' status (i.e., moving from "active" to "on hold" to "top priority" and back)
    • All said and done, completion of projects doesn't really meet a strategic need!
    • Intense competition, rather than cooperation, among departments and sub-organizations when staffing and funding Projects