• Professional Services Automation

    PPM Studio Professional Services Automation helps professional services organizations in streamlining their projects and operations to improve overall client satisfaction, optimal utilization of highly paid resources and consultants, standardized and automated processes to streamline communication flow between distributed teams.

    The modules like Enterprise Resource Manager, Online Time Sheet and Expense Tracking, Resource
    Planning and Utilization, Global and Distributed Project Management improves overall
    functioning and operations of services organization.



    PPM Studio offers an Expense Reporting feature with structured workflow for review, approval and payment of expenses, with multi currency support and various configuration options.

    • Create and review expense requests from your dashboard
    • Configuration for expense items as per expense request category
    • Collaboration among cross-functional teams to participate in requirements development, review and approval process all using a single database repository.
    • Multi currency support.
    • On demand currency conversion rate updates from website.
    • Expense payment workflow.
    • Expense attribution to project, organization and cost center.
    • Consolidated views on expenses.
    • Expense report generation.
    PPM Studio Solutions Graph
    PPM Studio Solutions Graph
    • Expense Request
      Creation of expense request from resource dashboard along with break-up details. The expense requests can be created from pre-configured expense templates by expense category. Expense reports can be supplemented with scanned bills or receipts as attachments.
    • Expense Owners
      Expense Request can be attributed to a project, an organization or a cost center. Depending on this attribution, default approvers for the expense will be selected, while more approvers can also be added.
    • Review and Approval
      Expense request can be associated to a project, an organization or a cost center. Hierarchical workflow-based review & approvals and automated routing of expense reports and notifications to stakeholders along with status tracking across the lifecycle.
    • Expense Payment
      Integration with Accounts department for payments of approved expense reports.
    • Multi Currency Support
      Multiple currency support, to take care of expenses incurred by users in any location or country.. Integration with FOREX portals for automatic updating of currency conversion rates.
    • Configuration Options
      Expense report templates by category e.g. training, support, consulting etc. Max. limits definition by role.
    • Report Generation
      Printable report generation in the form of PDF of Word document on single click. Consolidated views at resource, project and organization level.
    • Expense Coordinators
      Specific roles definition to create expense reports on behalf of others