• Enterprise Project Management
    Enterprise Project Manager module empowers PMO functioning with its unique and centralized project workspace concept of a single screen view to project managers for complete visibility and project progress update.

    The project workspace drives through all important phases of project lifecycle e.g. Project initiation,Approval, Planning,
    Execution, Monitoring, Controlling and Closure. The project lifecycles are configurable to standard methodologies
    like PMBOK, CMMI, PRINCE 2, and Agile or specific to organization best practices.


  • Unified Project Workspace Approach


    PPM Studio Project Workspace provides a unified platform to project teams to collaborate and engage in threaded discussions, project meetings, notes, comments, action items etc. The project workspace securely maintains history of important information with limited access to project team and stakeholders.


    New Project Initiation


    New Project creation was never so easy.

    PPM Studio provides simple and structured processes to initiate a project as per your organization policies and standards. The Project Initiation module allows project managers to define goals and objectives of the project with detailed project charter definition. Initiation of project is governed with project lifecycle selection along with key stakeholders’ identification.


    WBS Style Task and Milestone Planning


    PPM Studio offers unique top-down project planning with definition of milestones and associating them with project tasks. The milestone tracking approach provides better control to project and program managers to evaluate project progress. The milestone progress can be measured with parameters like schedule, effort, cost, tasks completed etc.

    2-way Microsoft Project™ Import/Export:import files & tasks directly, schedule resources, dependencies, etc.; map users between Microsoft Project™ and PPM Studio with the help of simple resource wizard, and to export PPM Studio plans to Microsoft Project™

    Comprehensive graphical view of planned tasks, dependencies, milestones and current task progress through gantt charts. Zoom to: day/week/month level. Convenient forward and back buttons to move ahead or backwards.

    Project Gantt graphically shows the progress with one row per activity by its start, end dates.

  • Real time Project Progress Updates


    PPM Studio Task Management module is seamlessly integrated with PPM Studio Time Sheet module which allows team members to update the status of tasks allocated in terms of effort spent, remaining work, and accomplishments. The task progress is automatically calculated as a percentage completed based on remaining hours. The System automatically calculates projected end dates of parent tasks and the project.

    Project schedule, effort, cost and billing is automatically updated when time is entered by resource in the time sheet. The amounts are calculated based on the resource bill/cost rates. Compare the planned, actual and projected schedule, effort and cost in real time.


    Project Dashboard and Real time Health Indicators monitoring


    The project progress is monitored and tracked based on pre-defined project metrics and control limits. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) signify whether projects are on schedule, late or may slip if not attended to.


    Project Documents


    PPM Studio ensures a secure and shared storage for all your files and documents. The Document Management System has features like review and approval lifecycle, check-in/check-out, version history etc. The document history can be seamlessly integrated with DMS systems like MS SharePoint etc.


    Project Communication: Action Items / Notifications / Email alerts / Escalations


    • PPM Studio comes with a wide variety of pre-configured and user defined alerts, notifications, escalations and action-items.
    • These alerts get triggered automatically on pre-defined conditions and sent to stakeholders or action item owners for required attention.
    • Users are alerted of important events like task assignments, task progress updates, task start, and task delayed and so on.
    • Users can enable/disable the notifications as per their needs. PPM Studio also provides escalation by alerting project managers when tasks are delayed.


    Project Stake holder management


    • Send project updates to stake holders.
    • Give project access to relevant artifacts in the project.
    • Collaborate with stakeholder at crucial project stages.
    • Clients can raise/participate on issues, share documents and participate in on-line discussions.


    Raise / identify, assign and track Project Risks & issues


    Risk log:

    • Project team can raise risks, classify, prioritize and gauge the impact.
    • Upon identification, you can give your mitigation plan them and assign to concerned team members.
    • Track the risk to closure with scheduled due date.
    • Convert risks into issues
    Issue management:
    • Allow concerned stakeholder(client, project sponsor ..) to raise issues
    • Prioritize them & assign them to get them fixed
    • Captures the entire communication thread(meetings, mails, discussions) conducted the various stage of issue management


    Track your Project deliverables


    • Plan your project deliverables and categories them.
    • Use pre-configured templates from project documents.
    • Assign and track to closure.
    • Align the project plan with your deliverables.

    Project team & collaboration


    Team & effort management:
    • Build project team using resource finder(suiting your requirements)
    • Assign work packages to resources
    • Monitor the effort & schedule variances

    Time Sheet Management


    PPM Studio’s Time Sheet Management module facilitates you to:
    • Automate the entry, tracking, billing and reporting of effort & time of employees across your organization;
    • Track time against tasks and ensure employee accountability at all levels;
    • Gain numeric or graphical understanding of employee-performance levels through user configured dashboards;
    • Reduce organization costs by re-aligning employees to improve deliverables, productivity and performance.