• Earned Value Management

    With government standards and security laws increasing pressure to adopt stringent cost and earned-value standards, many organizations now recognize the need to incorporate comprehensive cost management and earned-value capabilities into their Project Portfolio Management systems.

    PPM Studio's Earned Value Management integrates detailed cost information with your project schedule
    by aligning and combining project performance data from cost and schedule systems, adding
    complex burdening rates, and tracking committed cost.

  • PPM Studio’s Earned Value Management adds extensive earned value capabilities, helping organizations better manage project costs, measure earned value, and analyze budget, actual, forecast, and performed costs.

    Without a comprehensive earned value process, troubled projects can spiral out of control before anyone even recognizes a problem.

    With PPM Studio Earned Value Management, organizations can generate the statistically accurate estimates needed to understand and communicate project performance while there is still time to address and deal with issues.


    With PPM Studio Earned Value Management, you can create an effective Project portfolio management process that

    • Aligns the project portfolio with strategic business objectives
    • Completes projects faster and more efficiently through role-based alignment
    • Accurately measures both cost and schedule performance
    • Analyzes and presents project performance data
    • Increases program visibility through effective and streamlined communication with all stakeholders


    Integrate Cost and Schedule


    With PPM Studio Earned Value Management, you can integrate cost and schedule information into a single solution.


    Support Government Standards for Measuring Performance


    PPM Studio's Earned Value Management helps organizations comply with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 300 directive and the ANSI/EIA 748 Earned Value Management System (EVMS) standard required by the U.S. and other governments.

    PPM Studio Earned Value Management

    • Enables the detailed measurement and modeling of project costs
    • Stores past-period actual values and future-period forecasts in static fields for consistent reporting
    • Supports unlimited, user-defined fiscal periods for the storage of resource, cost, and schedule values
    • Tracks committed costs and complex burdening for a complete view of costs
    • Models complex resource rates with escalation factors