• Application Lifecycle Management

    PPM Studio Application Lifecycle Manager integrates engineering teams on a single collaborative platform to build, launch and maintain software applications.

    PPM Studio Application Lifecycle Manager offers a comprehensive platform for requirements management, design specifications, code integration, build automation, test design, software testing, defect tracking and product release.

    The end-2-end traceability among all artifacts keeps team and management updated about changes to any object with its impact on various objects and system components.

    PPM Studio Application Lifecycle Manager helps organizations in defining and managing their product development
    lifecycle using various standard methodologies like Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative, CMMI, Agile or best practices
    followed by the organization.


    PPM Studio Application Lifecycle Management Feature List:


    Requirements Management

    Requirements Management

    • Capturing Business Requirements, Use Cases, User Stories and Supplementary Requirements
    • Requirements Review and Approval Lifecycle
    • Requirements Base lining, Versioning and Comparison
    • Configurable best practices Document Templates
    • Guesstimations using 3 point technique
    • Requirements Dependencies and Traceability
    • Automatic Impact Analysis for Change Requests
    • Requirements level Discussion Threads
    • Change Request Management
    • Complete Audit Trail and Workflow Tracking
    • Full Traceability between Requirements, Specifications, Test Cases, Code Objects, Defects
    • Glossary and References definition
    • Inbuilt Requirements Repository
    • Requirements Prioritization and Pipeline Management
    • Requirements level Discussions, Meetings, Review Comments, Sticky Notes
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    Test and Defects Management

    • Complete QA Management
    • Test Process and Plan Definition
    • Integrated Requirements Management
    • Inbuilt Test Lab for Elegant and Simple Test Execution
    • Supports Manual and Automation Testing
    • Defect Creation and Tracking
    • Comprehensive Test Metrics and Reports
    • Release and Project Level Metrics
    • Automated Defect Routing and Notifications
    • User defined Views and Reports
    • Integration with Third party Tools
    • Inbuilt Test Repository for Test Case Re-use
    • Components based approach for Simplified Testing
    • Collaboration
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    Release Management

    Release Management

    • Release Process Automation
    • Pre-configured industry best practices for Release Management
    • Pre-defined Release Metrics, Reports and Dashboards
    • Inbuilt Release and Milestone Calendar
    • Multiple Systems Release Synchronization
    • Complete Audit Trail and Workflow Tracking
    • Automated Rule based Notifications and Alerts
    • Role based Security and Authorization
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    Change Request Management

    Change Request Management

    • Full Traceability and Automated Impact Analysis
    • Change Management Workflow with Review and Approval
    • Full Audit Trail
    • Change Request Prioritization and Pipeline Management
    • Automated Workflow based Change Request Routing
    • Single screen Reporting and Review for all Change Requests
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    System Design and Development

    • Unique Component based approach to design complex Systems
    • Define Component Specifications by Component Type
    • Pre-defined Specifications Template
    • Capture Technology, Architecture and System Dependencies
    • Trace Requirements, Specifications, Code files, Test Cases and Defects from a single screen
    • System repository for evolving Systems
    • Common re-usable Components Library
    • Integration with Code Management Systems
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