• Resource Management

    PPM Studio Resource manager enterprises to manage the resources planning & utilization Allocate human resources
    among various projects or business units, maximizing their utilization to achieve business goals. Perform the activities
    that are necessary in maintaining & identifying the employee workforce requirements. The efficient and effective
    deployment of an organization's personnel resources where and when they are needed, and in possession
    of the tools, training and skills required by the work.

  • Organization Structure

    Visualize your Organization Structure


    PPM Studio's Organization Structure module allows you to define your resource hierarchy by segregating resources into different business units, organizations or teams. The organization structure can be defined as functional organization or project organizations. The project teams can be formed into various functional organizations similar to matrix organizations.

    Advanced Resource Finder

    Advanced Resource Finder


    • PPM Studio’s Advanced Resource Finder helps to find teams of particular resources required to execute the projects. It allows project managers to find multiple resources from a single screen based on role, skill, experience, availability etc.
    Track Resource Utilization

    Track your Resource Utilization


    PPM Studio provides a clear picture of your resource utilization across multiple projects. You can compare capacity available, planned, allocated and utilized in an efficient way to improve your overall resource utilization.


    Resource Capacity Planning, bottle necks and shared resources


    PPM Studio maintains and manages overall resource allocation across multiple projects and quickly identifies resources available with specific skills in a given time period.

    PPM Studio Enterprise Resource Manager module identifies overloaded and underutilized resources across projects. You can even fix the problem right then and there! It also easily finds out conflicting assignments among various projects project and helps project managers in resolving conflicts in resource work allocation.


    Skill Based Resourcing


    Confront the challenge of realizing the full potential of your skilled resources by tracking, categorizing and organizing skills. Quickly identify the optimum resources available for each work effort.

    Project managers can quickly and easily staff their projects based on the skill and technology needs. Project Managers can see the availability of resources with matching skills between resource skills and the skill requirements of the project.

    Resource managers always have real time and updated information about resource utilization, availability and future demand based on skill type.


    Manage Resource Requests and Staffing


    Communicate resource requirements to resource managers in an efficient and orderly manner. Give resource managers the tools needed to locate and deploy people with the right skills from both internal and external sources to meet the business need. Communicate with them during the entire process.