• Requirements Management

    PPM Studio ensures successful, complete and timely delivery of software product by providing a strong
    requirements development and management environment. The PPM Studio Requirements Management module
    ensures delivering right product to the customer meeting his business requirements.

  • Features and Benefits


    Structured Requirements Definition:


    PPM Studio's Structured Requirements platform helps analysts and project teams to define, describe, prioritize, and estimate business requirements uniquely. Each requirement is given necessary attention and importance to ensure that the requirements build a strong foundation for product development.


    Elaboration and Elicitation:


    PPM Studio offers capturing use cases, scenarios, user stories and supplementary requirements separately and establishing their relationship with business requirements to ensure that required details have been provided to development team before starting the product development.


    Requirements Process:


    PPM Studio’s Requirements Workflow allows you to configure simple to complex requirements processes with multiple stakeholders or functional groups involvement. The requirements process offers best practices, speed and agility for requirements definition, reviews, approvals, prioritization and mandated checks to ensure that only right requirements are delivered to IT teams for product development.


    End-2-End Traceability and Impact Analysis:


    The PPM Studio end-2-end SDLC management tracks Business requirements across the SDLC. The business requirements are always linked with system components, component specifications, test cases, code objects, and defects. The End-2-End Traceability matrix provides a single screen view to development team to measure the impact in case of any change, helps in estimating development effort more accurately, and ensures timely delivery of software product.


    System Repository:


    Define and organize your requirements into projects to map to the products or systems you're building. Establish consistency and ensure nothing gets lost by storing all your ideas, Product Plans, requirements and related items in PPM Studio. System repository increases requirements’ reusability across projects or systems.



  • Requirements Reuse


    • Offers a unique methodology to gather software requirements and helps enterprises to upgrade from unstructured requirements development process to the structured requirements development process.
    • End-to-End Requirements Management ensures traceability between business requirements, system components, technical specifications, test scripts, and defects.
    • Collaboration among cross-functional teams to participate in requirements development, review and approval process all using a single database repository.
    • Change request management to manage change at any stage of development.



  • PPM Studio's unique Component Based Approach to build complex applications provides a robust framework to system architects and designers to design system architecture, establish dependencies, define interfaces and follow best practices to design robust systems.

    Component based System Design: Define and design your application in the form of re-usable and manageable system components. The components based architecture provides more control and design flexibility in while designing software applications and ensures proper impact and dependencies analysis before making any change to existing software application.