• Webinar Series : SAP Security - Application Security Perspective

    You have purchased, blueprinted, and deployed SAP because it is uniquely able to integrate your data inside and outside your organization. You’ve benefited immensely from real-time dashboard access to essential company data (sales data, inventory data, operations data, etc.) and now you are one step ahead of your competition. SAP has enabled you to share your essential data with your partners as part of your seamless supply chain strategy.
    Webinar Series : How to Stay agile while Outsourcing? (View Webinar Video)

    Today, Agile software development is receiving increasing attention from across organizations globally. Agile development offers a fresh approach with its emphasis on lightweight processes, flexibility to deal with ever changing business priorities, short delivery cycles and a host of other benefits. Agile development with its inherent benefits combined with Outsourcing offers faster time-to-market at less cost and with excellent quality of delivery.
    Webinar Series : Beyond CISSP - Enterprise Security Management

    CISSP is a renowned certification in the security industry and many companies benchmark CISSP to their employees with the idea that they know Information Security extremely well.
    Webinar Series : Cloud Computing Security - My Data In The Clouds

    In the last two years, cloud computing has quickly gained momentum from being a promising business concept to one of the fastest growing segments in the IT industry.
    Webinar Series : Web Security - Soldiers or Weapons? Which is most important to win a battle?

    Serious Web security breaches are a growing concern for all web users. Gartner group has stated that over 70% of cyber attacks occur at the web application layer. Another leading research agency found that 8 in 10 web portals currently have serious vulnerabilities. The severity of security breaches is increasing as companies are under pressure to cut expenses and work with smaller budgets.
    Webinar Series : Security Challenges around virtualization - A true picture

    Four and a half years later, virtualization is almost a mainstream technology. Surely it seemed that security would be a top issue in architecture, design and technology choice.
    Webinar Series : PCI Compliance - Is PCI giving me a FALSE sense of security???

    Fraudulent credit card transactions have recently increased ten-fold. There seems to be two primary reasons. One is the increase in credit card usage by customers and the other is the ever-increasing boldness of cybercriminals.