• PPM Studio comes with ready to use integration capability with MS-project, the most used project planning tool. It comes with both import & export capability giving dual benefit for saving huge effort to project managers while building project plans.


      PPM Studio Intigration with MS Project

      Importing a MPP file

      It facilitates project managers to import a MPP file from,
      • Inbuilt document managements system of PPM Studio
      • External file system
      • Imported MPP file can either be appended or overridden to enable required changes by project manager.
      • Resource mapping from MPP can be done using the resource mapping dialogue box.
      • While Importing, the start date of the task plan defined in the MPP file is updated to the project planned start date if the task plan start date is not the same as the project planned start date.
      • The data like Task Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Resources (with allocation percentage), Task type, Is Effort Driven, Work Hours and Predecessors will be imported from MPP file.


      Exporting as a MPP file

      • The task plan in PPM studio can be exported as an MPP file, with a simple click.
      • This will export activities, their, planned dates (Start, Finish), duration, Predecessors, Resources to MPP file. While exporting, the Plan Start date in MPP will be the Project Planned start date and the schedule from constraint will be have type Planned Start.