• 1. Feature/functionality related questions


    Q1. What are the integration capabilities of PPM Studio?
    Q2. Can we define billing information against milestone for fixed bid projects? e.g.(After Design completion 40% of amount can be billed to the customer?)
    Yes, PPM Studio can generate billing information against milestones for a fixed bid project
    Q3. What is the architecture of the product?
    PPM Studio follows 3 tier MVC architecture Please visit the following link for more details: MVC architecture

    2. Pricing and licensing related questions


    Q3. What are the cost models for PPM? Licensing per users? Or a flat out cost for the entire organization? Is there a yearly maintenance/support upkeep cost? What about training cost?
    PPM Studio is available in three flavors,
    a) PPM Studio (Complete PPM & ALM modules)
    b) PPM Lite (Enterprise Project Management modules)

    Pricing model
    Our local sales representative can help you with the best price for your requirement.
    Please write to your local sales team,

    For Sales: ppmsales@semanticspace.com
    Q4. 2. Are the licenses perpetual or year subscription?
    The licensing model we have is perpetual.
    Q5. How do you charge for Support and upgrades? Are they included in the license fee or charged separately?
    We have a support and upgrades for the first year bundled in the license fee. To continue our support and upgrades from second year, you need to pay only 20% of the license fee amount and renew our AMC.
    Q6. Does your licensing model support named user model or concurrent user model?
    We encourage named user model for better availability of solution to all available user. However we are open to concurrent models for organization that are looking at concurrent pricing models.

    3. Support/upgrades related questions


    Q7. What sort of technical support do you offer? How do you charge for that?
    Post Implementation Customer Support: Free Live Chat, Phone and Email Support.

    Enterprise Integration Services: Dedicated onsite or offshore PPM Experts to build complex integrations or data migration with industry leading, legacy or home grown applications.

    For prices, please contact our sales representatives
    Q8. How do we get the updates of the product enhancements/bug fixes?
    The product upgrades will be available through PPM Studio portal at www.ppmstudio.com

    PPM Studio provides software upgrades every quarter and the registered users will be notified on every new release. They can download the release from the website through secured login and can upgrade their instance.

    The upgrade mechanism, release notes and special notes will be supplemented with software upgrade.
    Q9. How do I reach the support team?
    If you are a PPM Studio user, you can raise a ticket from the application and track it to closure.

    You can reach our support by just dropping an email @ ppmsupport@semanticspace.com Our team will respond to it and arrange a meeting call (if required).

    4. Technical/implementation related questions


    Q10. What is the backend database?
    SQL Server 2005
    It’s compatible with work group/enterprise and standard edition of SQL 2005.
    Q11. Does your product support Oracle backend?
    Q12. How does your Implementation Plan work? What is your implementation cycle?
    For a typical 100 user setup, you can go live in 4 man weeks including training.

    Business Process understanding Week 1 –onsite (extendable based on complexity)
    Product configuration Week 2 – offshore
    First delivery of pre-configured packaged solution & Training Week 3 – Week 4
    Go live Week 5
    Custom integrations development Week 2 – week 4 offshore
    Complete solution deployment Week 5 – week 6 onsite (parallel to trainings)
    Q13. What is your training plan? What is the training support you offer?
    • Train the Trainers: As part of train the trainers program, a team of pilot users consisting key stake holders, power users of the application, application admin will be identified and trained on product use, configuration and maintenance. The typical training for 10 pilot users goes for 20 hours along with a 4 hour workshop on PPM Studio. It is conducted onsite.
    • End User Training and On Boarding: End user training is designed to cater to your specific project & portfolio management needs. The training involves a brief overview of PPM Studio followed by complete navigation of the product.
    Q14. What are PPM’s underlying technologies? Database? Reporting Engine? Built from Visual Studio? If applicable what .NET framework? What’s its relationship to SharePoint? Do you have a system architectural diagram?
    The underlying technologies Database are: SQL Server 2000/2005, .NET Framework 2.0; built using Visual Studio 2005 Reporting Engine : Crystal reports generated by using SQL stored procedures;

    SharePoint integration is available for DMS (Refer to http://www.ppmstudio.com/resources.aspx)please refer to http://www.ppmstudio.com/SystemRequirements.aspx “PPM Studio SharePoint Integration”
    Q15. What all Training materials are available during training and post training?
    User Manuals: Generic product user manual would be given after training, which can be used while on boarding and GO LIVE.

    Training Manual: Training manual would be provided during training and user can refer to the document during and post training.

    Video Manuals online (http://www.ppmstudio.com/ppmsupport/help.aspx user has to login to access the content). User Manuals are configured within the product and can be invoked by hitting F1 key within the application. Ex: When user hits F1 key while in the project, Project user manual will be invoked.

    If you something more to ask, feel free to ppmsupport@semanticspace.com