Interfaces And APIs
    • SemanticSpace PPM Studio comes with a rich set of integration APIs which provide a great value proposition in terms of total cost of ownership, deployment challenges, reusability, better user acceptance and product success.
    • Integration with most of the industry standard SDLC products.
    • Integration with Microsoft Business LOB products.
    • SAP Integration.
    • APIs exposed provide interfaces to integrate PPM Studio with external applications.

      Integration Capabilities of PPM Studio:


      Tools / Methodology Tools Integrated Integration Features
      Code Repositories Subversion

      Tracks Objects impacted and code files modified by development team.
      Development Tools Microsoft Visual Studio Creates work orders, object ids, project and system information to VSTS.

      Tracks code object check-ins from TFS to PPM Studio.
      Build Management SAP Integration with SAP transport manager for automated builds for completed development work orders
      Business Applications Microsoft Office Export to MS-word, excel.
      Project Management Microsoft Office Project Seamless bi-directional integration of MPP with the WBS (Task Plan) of PPM Studio.
      Communication Microsoft Outlook Drop your e-mails, notifications and meetings in MS-OUTLOOK
      Collaboration Microsoft Office Share Point Integrates with SharePoint for project sites, DMS and collaboration
      Testing Automation HP QuickTest Professional Integration with HP QTP for test automation
      Manual testing HP Quality Center Integrates with Quality Center to manage and synchronize test cases and defects created in QC.
      Network Management Microsoft Windows Server - Active Directory Automatically adds resources from AD by LDAP
      Inbuilt windows authentication for user access