• A Standard SCRUM Process

    The Agile (SCRUM) way with PPM Studio
    • Build your SCRUM Framework within PPM Studio
    • Role based access to PPM Studio for Product Owner, SCRUM Master,SCRUM Teams , SCRUM Stakeholders
    • Manage your SCRUM artifacts in PPM Studio
    • Track and monitor your Sprint Planning Meeting, Sprint Review Meeting, Daily SCRUM Meeting and
      SCRUM Retrospective
    • Real time Release Burn down Chart and Sprint Burn down Chart
  • Basic Principles of Traditional to Agile Development
    • The highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery
    • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development
    • Business people and developers must work together
    • Working software is the primary measure of progress
    • Encourage face-to-face conversation for effective communication
    • The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams
    SCRUM Framework in PPM Studio
    • Release:
      Inbuilt Release Manager module to manage product releases.

    • Sprints:
      Plan multiple sprints in a release and track the progress.

    • User Stories:
      Define user stories explaining user scenario with complete functional details. Configurable user story templates.
    PPM Studio for Product Owner
    • Define business case to justify project investment and ROI
    • Define complete list of expected features and business requirements as product scope
    • Plan your releases ahead with inbuilt release manager
    • Prioritize features according to market value
    • Inbuilt Deliverables module to track project deliverables along with assignee, due date, progress status and client comments.

    PPM Studio for Scrum Master
    • Pre-configured scrum development process as SDLC lifecycle package
    • Inbuilt Enterprise Resource Manager to select best fit resources and build project team quickly
    • Automatic task plan creation from pre-defined templates
    • Automatic generation of project status report on defined schedules
    • Automated rule-based communication to project stakeholders
    • Inbuilt Issue Register for capturing issues and track them to closure
    • Inbuilt Meetings Manager to conduct scrum meetings.
    PPM Studio for Scrum Team
    • Complete visibility to product requirements with prioritization
    • Development estimation by feature request
    • Individual resource dashboards to monitor work orders, deliverables, risks, issues and project communication
    • Inbuilt Time Sheet for automatic status and effort update about work done
    • Automated communication and notifications to see project status update
    PPM Studio for Scrum Stakeholders
    • Client login and access to project workspace
    • Complete visibility about project planning and progress update
    • Visibility to project issues
    Managing SCRUM Artifacts in PPM Studio
    • Product Backlog:
    • Inbuilt product scope definition and prioritization
    • Development effort estimation by feature
    • Sprint Backlog:
    • Sprint requirements definition and prioritization
    • Sprint task planning
    Release and Sprint Burn Down Charts
    Managing Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Conducting Sprint Planning with inbuilt Meeting Manager
    • Formal product backlog and estimates review by product owner and scrum team for feature prioritization
    • Iteration and sprint planning
    • Automated MOM generation
    • Action items allocation in resource dashboard with track to closure
    Managing Daily SCRUM Meeting
    • Conducting Daily Scrum meeting with inbuilt Meeting Manager
    • Tasks integration with time sheet for automatic status update on:
      • Yesterday’s work
      • Today’s plan
      • Any issue in doing work
      • Team members’ comment about work done
      • Reviewer comments
    • Update issue register for any newly identified issue
    • Update meeting attendance into time sheet
    • Dynamic generation & communication of MoMs
    Managing Sprint Review Meeting
    • Conduct Sprint Review meeting with inbuilt Meeting Manager
    • Deliverables demonstration to product owner with inbuilt deliverable review and approval with review comments
    • Reprioritization or planning of next sprint deliverables
    • Tracking action items to closure
    • Dynamic generation & communication of MoMs
    SCRUM Retrospective
    • Conduct Sprint Retrospective meeting with inbuilt Meeting Manager
    • Pre-defined agenda to discuss important points about last sprint
    • Record suggestions and action items within PPM Studio and track them to closure
    • Dynamic generation & communication of MoMs